Our Mission
is to get you more healthy

Join me through a journey where you can have tasty food & lose weight at the same time without compromising your favorites!

What we bring to you in our online personal training?

Customized Workout plan
Gym / Home / Outdoor -> According to your Goal (Belly Fat loss/ Muscle Gain / Weight loss / Weight Gain)
Personalised Diet plan
Food choices of your preferences will be considered which means every diet plan is Tailor made for you
Daily WhatsApp Check-In
A WhatsApp group will be created- With one Personal Trainer, Nutritionist & me - where the client should post all the meals which he has on a daily basis. Even if your cheating, You should post it! In this way we have a better way to track your weight loss & Give you guaranteed results*
Weekly One video call with Dr.Yokesh Arul
To keep your motivation on track
Weekly One Video call with the Team
To keep you on track & check up on progress.
Blood Work
All necessary investigations including ECG, Echo would be suggested- & workout plans
Workout Technique Monitoring
Form & Technique of the exercise will be monitored on a regular basis
Fat loss tracking though Body Caliper & measurements

Who is this Course for?

Are you serious about your health? We spend sufficient money and time on our work & family to keep them on track but are you keeping your health on track? Recent studies have shown that central obesity has been more prevalent among Indians & has been shown to increase the risk for Cardiovascular diseases and Type 2 Diabetes.

Why should you buy this course?

This course is for all the people that are tired of,

Trying Shortcuts

Wasted loads of money on local gym trainers

Fad Diets



The Best Prices Ever

₹ 4999/month

Personalised Diet Plan - According to your convenience
Daily WhatsApp meal check in
Customised Workout plan -Gym/Home workout/Out door
Progress tracking with Measurements/Weight scale/ Fat Caliper
Daily WhatsApp Meal check in
Weekly one Video call check in with the Team
Weekly once Video call with Dr.Yokesh Arul
Blood work / ECG
All diets are PCOS/Thyroid Friendly

Diabetic Diet

We all know that Diet & Exercise is the most important factor which decides the Life
expectancy & complaication incidence in Diabetes

1. Detailed Explanation of the concept of Diabetic Diet ( Carbohydrates/ Protein/ Fat)

1. Meal Timing

3. Quality & Quantity of food = According to body weight

4. Foods to be avoided

5. Food Recommendations On Diabetes

What do you

Get from us?

One-on-One Consultation
Diet for Diabetes Mellitus
What Does My Diet Plan Contain?

Step by Step - Fat loss guide - including sample Diet & Workout plan

Meet Your Super Fitness Mentor


Dr. Yokesh Arul

I was weighing around 103kg during my 2nd-year MBBS. It was really hard for me to manage my studies and fitness simultaneously. I financially couldn’t afford a trainer at that time. So I initially started with experimentation which wasted a lot of my time, then I did a couple of courses and all of them started to make sense as I could co-relate them with human physiology which I studied during my MBBS. After that, I started seeing results in no time!
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